Don’t automatically write off adoption as an option. Many women say, “I could never give my baby away,” but adoption provides a family for your baby and gives a hopeful couple a child. Adoption does not look the same as it has in the past; actually, it can look quite different today! There are many types of adoption plans and you, as the birth mother, have the opportunity to choose between an open adoption, semi-open, and closed adoption and determine the details of the adoption plan.

What Is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is a plan that allows open communication to flow between you, the child, and the adoptive family. You and the adoptive family of your choice have the freedom to map out a plan that works for everyone and allows you to be a part of the child’s life to whatever extent you want.

What Is Semi-Open Adoption?

Semi-Open adoption is a plan that still allows communication and visits to occur but is helped regulated by a third party. This way, you can control how much communication and visits you participate in and do not have to contact the family or child directly.

What Is Closed Adoption?

Closed adoption is a plan that allows you to remain completely anonymous. All details and identifying documents will be legally sealed, and you will remain unidentified to both the child and adoptive family.

While Birthright is not an adoption agency, we can offer some insight and direction for this positive choice. The birth mother, in turn, can face her future with courage and hope, feeling prepared and confident in her decision. Adoption may be much different than what you imagined. However, there is no obligation to consider this option, but you have nothing to lose by learning more about it if you so choose.

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