While many women regret getting an abortion, almost no mom could imagine life without their child once they are born. Being a parent is an ongoing process of learning and adjusting, much like everything in life.

You, As A Parent

Every parent faces challenges from time to time, but if you love your child and are trying your best, you will be just fine! It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious and unsure. Even those who plan children feel these same emotions too. That’s because change can be scary and difficult to navigate at first. At Birthright, we are sure you will be the best parent for your child and believe you were hand-picked specifically for them. We are determined to help you navigate this new territory and will also walk with you throughout this journey. We love seeing every milestone and birthday as your child grows and you with them!

Us, As Your Village

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child, and we would be honored to be yours. We can encourage and support you while providing direction for what is available within the community. We will be alongside you with emotional and material support. But most of all, we want to set you up for success and confidently reach every goal. That’s why we’ve collected free parenting resources, education, and support to give you the tools to be a great parent to your child.

Know this, to choose this option is to choose courage in the face of fear, to take back the pen and write your own story, and to choose a fresh, new beginning. You will become a new person who is a fierce protector, one who embraces new challenges and paves new roads to beautiful destinations.

We are your biggest fan and greatest admirer. We can’t wait to watch you flourish, because you are capable of great things!

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