Pregnant and unsure what to do? You aren’t alone.

If you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy, we know it can feel completely overwhelming and frightening. You can feel frozen with fear, unsure what the answers are, and not sure where or who to turn to. That’s okay because we are here for you.

We’re here to answer questions and be your advocate, support, and friend. We provide a non-judgmental environment where you can feel comfortable discussing yourself and telling us about your goals. We want to get to know you.

We have client advocates waiting to hear your story and understand your unique situation. We will help you find a new way that will provide you with the exciting future you wish to have. We offer free resources, including no-cost pregnancy testing, education, and material and emotional support. We are a community that will surround you and be there every step of the way. This is your journey, your story, your choice. We simply give you all the resources to surpass every goal and expectation, and soar.

Here at Birthright, we help you navigate through uncharted waters, find the answers, and gain the resources. But above all, you will find the compassionate support and care you truly deserve. No one should face a pregnancy alone, scared, or ashamed. So lift your face, and rise up! We’re here to tell you, you are called to greatness, created for beautiful things. There will be no stopping you.

Where Do I Start?

Begin by making an appointment, and walk-ins are welcome too! Insurance is not necessary, and every appointment is free and confidential. If you would like to bring a guest as support, they are welcome too. We are so excited to meet you, and nothing is needed to prepare for your appointment. Come as you are, leave feeling empowered!

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